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GEO's Hay

At GEO we strive to produce the highest quality organic and conventional hays. Most of our hay is in two-string 70-90 lb bales. We are currently producing certified organic hay from 30 acres of ground, transitional organic hay from 40 acres and conventional grass hay on 70 acres.

Certified Organic & Transitional Organic Hay

In 2016 we are producing 12 acres of certified organic teff hay, and 18 acres of mixed-species pasture, which we mow as part of our grazing program. We also have 40 acres of alfalfa in its last year of transition to organic. All of our organic and transitional fields are fertilized with manures and we never use herbicides or pesticides of any sorts, in accordance with the National Organic Program Standards.

Conventional Grass Hay

We do not spray our grass fields with herbicides or pesticides. Weeds are generally pretty low in our fields and we keep the weed content low through regular mowing, and maintaining fertility with conventional fertilizers.

Hay Delivery

Most of our hay is available at our Culver location, where we'll sell you hay by the bale or the truck load. We also deliver hay from Central Oregon to the Oregon coast. Give us a call for pricing!

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